• August 12-22, 2014Introduction to Pedagogical Theory, Theory into Practice:
    During this two-week period, an Education Professor and two academic librarians will present in-person to each of the five regional sites key foundations in educational theory and implications for library instruction.

    Tues, Aug 12 – Northern New York Library Network (Potsdam)
    Wed, Aug 13 – Empire State College (Saratoga Springs)
    Thurs, Aug 14 – Southeastern NY Library Resources Council (Highland)
    Tues, Aug 19 – Rochester Regional Library Council (Rochester)
    Wed, Aug 20 – South Central Regional Library Council (Ithaca)


  • Beginning September 15, 2014Collaboration (librarian/students) and (librarian/faculty): Participants will explore characteristics of students that influence their in-class behavior and learning. Additionally, participants will be introduced to librarian/faculty partnerships, co-teaching scenarios, and investigate ways in which librarians can foster collaborative relationships with teachers, instructors and students.

  • Beginning September 29, 2014Teacher as Performer, Creating an Online Presence, and Teaching with Technology: Participants will gain knowledge of the physical body and voice as important tools for teaching. They will also be introduced to educational technologies that can enhance learning and help foster an online community.

  • Beginning October 13, 2014Active Learning, Multiple Intelligences, and Flipped classrooms: Participants will discover creative ways of diversifying the instructional content to match different learning styles.

  • Beginning October 27, 2014Assessment and Final Project: LILAC participants will be introduced to and utilize tools that gauge learners’ instructional needs and learning outcomes. In addition, they will design a final project showcasing knowledge gleaned during the academy.

  • November 21, 2014Last day to complete and submit final project